Ducted Heating Systems For Wood Heaters.




Turboheat creates an amazing even warmth throughout your home from your new or existing woodfire.

Environmentally Friendly – Money Saving. Transform your lifestyle now by adding Turboheat to your home.


Turboheat has the ability to heat over 36 squares comfortably. We have units heating 22 squares, 28 squares, 34 squares and 46 squares, proving that you can heat all types of configurations of homes without losing the ability to evenly heat throughout your home.

The temperature control is all done by the heater itself and once our system is installed there is no need to turn anything on or adjust any dials. It is fully automated and works on how hot the heater is burning, thereby creating an even temperature throughout the home (no cold spots or cooler areas).

How It Works

Turboheat IS NOT an air transfer system (like some systems currently on the market) taking air from one room to another hoping the other rooms will be heated. Instead, Turboheat has the ability to capture, re-heat then distribute that heated air to other rooms without any restrictions regardless of the length of ducting required.

For more information please check out Turboheat’s Website here.